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5 Benefits of Using Flame Resistant Paint



July 24 , 2015 | Posted by hydronpc@ |

5 Benefits of Using Flame Resistant Paint

There are many fire retardant coatings available, and as a leading developer and supplier of flame resistant paint, the Hydron Protective Coatings team understand the benefits that go hand-in-hand with its application. Here we reveal just five advantages that applying flame resistant paint can unlock…

  1. High level fire protection – Fire hazards come in all shapes and sizes, and whether you are using our flame resistant paints privately or publicly, the level of fire protection gained ensures improved health and safety with every application.
  2. Suitable for many surfaces – There are a number of products available to ensure fire protection across all environments. Whether you are looking to protect timber or steel, we have formulated flame resistant paint that is suitable for use on various substrates
  3. Internal upgrade possible – Thanks to the Nu-Flame Fire Upgrade paint system you can harness the same protection internally. This specialist paint product can be coated onto the walls and ceilings of communal areas for improved protection
  4. Designed for easy application – Our Nu-Flame Fire Upgrade flame resistant paint is also particularly easy to apply, and can be coated on top of existing paintwork for added convenience
  5. Full product range – Here at Hydron Protective Coatings, we deliver a number of flame resistant paint products, browse our full range today.