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Floor Paint & Floor Sealer Product Guide



Floor Paint & Floor Sealer Product Guide

Hydron have introduced a new product guide for their range of Floor Paints and Floor Sealers. This products guide shows a table of all of the specific floor paint and floor sealer Hydron have to offer, along with information on the best methods of application, coverage rates, drying times and pack sizes available.

Designed for its ease of use, Hydron’s Floor paints and Sealers Guide gives an insight into each individual product and the combination of products to make a complete system suitable for different flooring substrates.

This product guide includes a range of floor sealers and impregnations, single pack floor paints, Two Pack Epoxy Floor paints, Line Marking Paints, Chemical Resistant Paints, Screeds and self levellers as well as Surface Damp Proof Membranes and Repair Products.

The complete guide can be found in the Floor Paints section of the website in the Data Sheets section.