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North Road Fire Protection For Steelwork



North Road Fire Protection For Steelwork

Hydron have just supplied the paint for the Fire Protection to the steelwork at 1-42 North Road in North London to achieve 60 minutes fire protection. This protection is essential as structural steel will lose its structural strength at very high temperatures reducing its integrity which could cause the building to collapse. Using an Intumescent Paint to protect the steelwork will give valuable time to escape the building, and save the building from collapse if tackled in time.

Nu-Flame HB Metal Primer was used to prime all of the steelwork, followed by Nu-Flame W Steel Basecoat which is our thin film intumescent paint. The steelwork was then finished with our Nu-Flame Steel Topcoat which is a decorative finish available in any colour. The works were carried out by Summit Property Maintenance Ltd