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Pier Road MSCP – Nu-Guard Anti-Carbonation



Pier Road MSCP – Nu-Guard Anti-Carbonation

Pier Road Multi Storey Car Park (MSCP) in St Helier, Jersey has undergone a 16 week refurbishment with improvements to the concrete floors, cleaning, repairs and painting of the stairwell and walls as well as increasing the size of parking bays and replacing the safety fences around the car park flooring.

Due to the high levels of Chloride and Carbon penetration into the structure, as well as failure of movement joints, these repairs were essential in order keep one of Jerseys largest car parks in working order.

Concrete decay is caused by carbonation. Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere reduces the alkaline content within the concrete. This leads to the increased likely hood that the steel with in the concrete will be vulnerable to water attack and oxidisation leading to steel corrosion and cracking of the concrete.

In order to overcome these issues over 4000 litres of Hydron’s Nu-Guard Anti Carbonation Coating System has been supplied to Pier Road Multi Storey Car Park. The works were been carried out by Concrete Repairs Limited

In addition to this the stairwells had the extra protection of an Anti Graffiti Coating. Nu-Guard Clear AF, which is a clear Anti Graffiti Paint was applied. If graffiti is applied to the Nu-Guard Clear AF, removal can be achieved very easily using warm soapy water.